We are committed to setting the seal on you receiving the best possible results from your fluid systems

Our knowledge extends beyond just providing products, as we also offer complete system integrations and customized solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your industrial processes.

We provide guidance and consultation to help you improve your current fluid solutions, whether it’s optimizing your pump and process, improving heat transfer efficiency, or providing total system integrations. Our team of experts can evaluate your current processes and systems to identify areas where improvements can be made, and provide recommendations based on our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.


Ensure that every pumping installation is well-designed and operates efficiently and reliably

We work with all of our trusted partners to ensure that the very best materials and hydraulics are selected for each and every application. We provide our customers instant access to world-class manufacturers such as Hevvy Toyo, PSG Dover, Sundyne, MPumps, SPXFLOW, Celeros Clyde Union, Apex Pumps UK, Saer Pumps Italy, XLG, Baltimore Air Coil.


Increase your energy use efficiency by taking advantages of the latest heat recovery and exchange technologies

Heat Recovery and Heat exchange technology have advanced in the past few years, but very few North American industries are seeing the full technology benefits of these advances. We have introduced some innovative products to the Folsom lineup. These include XLG Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers, Baltimore Air Coil Cooling Towers, and process heat exchangers.


Reduce your on site costs by updating your outdated system with our modern efficient modular designs

Where would you rather have your car built and assembled — in the factory or your driveway?  It’s a question to which we all know the answer,  but the same principle applies to pump systems. When you are faced with project capex restraints, then reducing the amount of site “Stick Build” is key to staying on budget. Factory modular design and build help you meet budgets, maintain quality and safety and reduce costly reworks at the site.

When Safety, Quality, Reliability, and Cost are at the top of your wish list then you can count on us to deliver

Improving your industrial fluid solutions is not just about the products, but also about the knowledge and expertise required to reach the best possible outcomes.

We support a comprehensive range of top-quality products and customized solutions to improve your industrial fluid systems. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, we are committed to delivering to you the best possible solutions and making sure you receive the highest level of service and support.


Reduce air temperature and moisture content in compressed air systems.

Generate steam or hot water for heating and industrial processes.

Produce heat through combustion of fuels like gas, oil, or coal.

Remove heat from liquids to cool them down for various industrial processes.

Transfer heat between fluids in a heat exchanger.

Collect and return steam condensate back to the boiler.

Transfer fluids from one location to another in industrial processes.

Remove heat from steam to condense it back into a liquid.

Remove heat from water by evaporation for cooling purposes.

Remove dissolved gases, such as oxygen, from feedwater to prevent corrosion.

Remove solid particles from fluids in industrial processes.

Exhaust gases from combustion processes to the atmosphere.

Produce steam for industrial processes or power generation.


Heat exchangers that consist of a series of plates with corrugated surfaces that increase the heat transfer area.

Heat exchangers that consist of a shell and a bundle of tubes for the fluid exchange.

Heat exchangers that consist of two concentric tubes, one inside the other, with corrugations on the inner tube for increased turbulence.

Compact heat exchangers that consist of thin plates brazed together to increase the heat transfer area.

Heat exchangers that use air as the cooling medium instead of water.


Store and supply water to the boiler.

Collect and return steam condensate back to the boiler.

Collect and discharge water that is removed from the boiler to reduce the concentration of impurities.

Tanks that are covered with insulating material to reduce heat loss or gain.

Tanks that have a jacket surrounding them, through which a heating or cooling medium can be circulated.


Pumps that supply water to the boiler.

Pumps that collect and return steam condensate back to the boiler.


Systems that use chemical or non-chemical methods to treat water for industrial processes.

Systems that use chemical reagents to treat water for industrial processes.

Systems that automatically inject precise amounts of chemicals into water for treatment purposes.


Pumps that circulate thermal oil in a heating system.

Systems that use glycol as the heat transfer fluid in a heating system.

Our world-class partners are renowned for their exceptional products

Delivering innovative products and reliable service that adds true value to our customers.

We are the trusted home of world-renowned brands in flow solutions such as Atlas Copco, Sundyne, Hevvy/ Toyo, Wilden, SAERS, and Grisworld among others which are respected for their innovative and reliable products, and have proven to deliver superior performance and efficiency in various industrial processes. In addition to our comprehensive range of pumps, valves, and instrumentation, we also offer an extensive selection of seals, heat exchange, and blower products that are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients.


Folsom Industrial is a Utah-based company that specializes in repairing rotating equipment, providing exceptional service and expertise to customers in need.

At Folsom Industrial, we understand the importance of emergency repairs and the impact they can have on your operations. That’s why we prioritize prompt response times and always aim to find the best solution to achieve a positive outcome. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, from our skilled technicians to our state-of-the-art equipment, and we strive to exceed expectations with each and every repair.

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