Folsom Industrial has partnered with the Power Industry since 1968, providing solutions for a majority of the industry's hard-wearing processes. Whether it is heavy duty ash applications, coal sumps or cleaning out water intakes, Folsom has a full range of products to service you including centrifugal pumps from the highly reliable Hevvy/Toyo Pumps, diesel driven pump packages and dewatering pumps from the exceptional Atlas Copco, air diaphragm pumps from the proven Wilden, and a variety of sealless, mag drive pumps, ANSI pumps, rubber lined and hard lined pump solutions, seals, heat exchange and boiler solutions.
Home to Industry’s Most Trusted Brands

Folsom is proud to be a complete source for your needs.  We service the power generation industry throughout the Rocky Mountains Region.

  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Lube oil pumps
  • Bottom Ash sumps
  • Conveyer Sumps
  • Feed Water Pump
  • Condensate Extraction Pump
  • Cooling Water Pump
  • Railcar Dump Sumps
  • Ash pond return water pumps
  • Wastewater transfer pumps
  • Thickener Pumps