Folsom Industrial has been a partner to the rocky mountain region mining industry since 1968. Offering a broad range of the industry’s top quality mining solutions including highly reliable Hevvy/Toyo centrifugal pumps, diesel driven pump packages and dewatering pumps from the exceptional Atlas Copco, air diaphragm pumps from the proven Wilden, rubber lined and hard lined pump solutions, seal less, mag drive pumps, seals, or heat exchange and boiler solutions. Folsom is a one-stop source for world-renowned mining companies both in the Rocky Mountain Region and internationally.
Home to Industry’s Most Trusted Brands
  • Complete Mine Water Management Pump systems
  • Groundwater supply pumps
  • Diesel driven dewatering pumps
  • Deepwell booster pumps and Submersible Motors
  • Autoclave Feed pumps
  • Lime Handling pumps
  • High pressure UG Mine Dewatering and Boosting
  • Slimes Transfer Submersible Slurry pumps
  • Mill Circuit and Concentrator Slurry Pumps
  • High pressure Tailings pumps
  • Reclaim water pumps