Petrochemical / Refineries

Folsom Industrial provides the chemical processing industry with a wide variety of process solutions. Folsom is proud to partner with leading brands such as Ansimag, Neptune, Wilden, Almatec and HMD Kontro to provide a wide range of products that tackle high-temperature, seal-less, and caustic operating conditions. Folsom is happy to be your one stop shop for all of your chemical processing needs.
Home to Industry’s Most Trusted Brands
  • High Temperature Pumping
  • LNG and Propane Pumps
  • Refrigerant Compression
  • Tanker Loading and Offloading
  • Safe Transfer of Acids and Akalis
  • Sealless Zero Emission Technology
  • Double containment of Hazardous and flammable Chemicals (Canned Motor Pumps)
  • High Viscosity And Shear Sensitive Pumping
  • Drum and Tote filling and emptying
  • Chemical Reactor pumps