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Since 1968

From concept to design engineering and support, Folsom Industrial delivers reliable fluid handling and heat transfer products at the most optimal value.

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You have technical complexities to solve and business decisions to make. We believe in providing results-focused solutions at the optimal cost without compromising the quality of your operations.

David Ray

David Ray

Pumps & process

We supply and service robust, reliable pumps and fluid handling solutions for every industry.

Cody Gamangasso

Cody Gamangasso

Heat Transfer

We provide industry leading Heat Exchange and Cooling Tower systems.

David Ray

David Ray


Turnkey Design & Build of Modular Fluid Handling Solutions for all industries.

Industries we serve


Folsom Industrial has been a partner to the Rocky Mountain Region mining industry since 1968. Offering a broad range of the industry’s top quality mining solutions including highly reliable Hevvy/Toyo centrifugal pumps, air diaphragm pumps from the proven Wilden, rubber lined and hard lined pump solutions, seal less, mag drive pumps, seals, or heat exchange and boiler solutions. Folsom is a one-stop source for world-renowned mining companies both in the Rocky Mountain Region and internationally.

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Folsom Industrial is proud to be partnered with some of the best fluid handling specialists in the world. We cover a large number of applications for both upstream and downstream Hydrocarbon transfer ranging from a single pump to complete modular pump systems and metering stations.  We don’t cut corners with safety and consult with our customers on every aspect of the equipment installation and operation to ensure that the safety of operators is always our paramount concern. For this reason alone our partnership with MPumps, an Italian manufacturer of API 610, and API 685 pumps, continues to strengthen. Their commitment to safety, reliability, and cost operational cost reductions is completely aligned with ours. Specializing in  API 685 pumps for over 40 years – and in recent years – API 610 pumps; we review every specification to ensure quality and technical compliance. Our team of Engineers will ensure that you receive it.

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Folsom Industrial has an impressive lineup of equipment for the Food & Beverage industries. Whether it is an FDA-approved Sanitary Pump for pumping fruits and fillings, Heat Exchangers designed to reduce internal scaling,  sanitary Valves, or CIP systems then we have a solution. Our team of Design and Application Engineers will take your concepts and build them as a modular system, comprising of tanks, agitators, static mixers, pumps, heat exchangers, piping, valves, and HMI Controls. What you get is a plug-and-play fully tested and functional system ready for your food/beverage/pharma processing line.

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The power generation Industry has undergone immense change since Folsom first opened its’ doors in 1968.  A migration away from coal fuel towards Gas and renewable energy sources has shaped the products that Folsom Industrial now offers.  Pumps, Valves, and Heat Exchangers as well as complete modular systems for the following applications are available from our dedicated team of Application and Design Engineering specialists.   Gas Condensate Pumps, Boiler Feed/condensate Pumps, Gas Turbine Purge Water Pumps, Primary and Secondary Cooling pumps, Fuel Transfer Pumps, Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) pumps, Ash Pond Pumps. In addition to the pumps, we have a world-class lineup of Cooling Towers (Baltimore Aircoil Company), Heat Exchangers, and VOC Stacks.

Are you tasked with reducing Nox/Sox or chemical emissions to Zero?  If so, please contact us and talk to our “Zero Leakage” specialists about the Industry.

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Folsom Industrial’s range of products for Fluid and air Handling is extensive. Whether you need a small water circulator, a complete fire pump system, or a chemical storage handling and transfer system we have the right solution for you.  Water treatment plants, chemical plants, and railcar offloading/ bulk transfer are just some of the areas that we design systems for. No matter how small or large the application, let our team of dedicated Engineers and Application specialists help you find the right product or system to help maximize your profits in a safe and reliable manner.

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Folsom understands that when an important piece of equipment goes down, time is of the essence. As we all know, downtime costs money which is why we have created the Folsom Parts Exchange Program.
Full Inventory of Spare Parts Always on Hand Off-Site Storage Options Available 24 Hour Pick-Up & Delivery Services


Folsom Industrial has evolved as a leading solution provider to many industries that rely on quality products and services. Started in 1968 by Hugh Folsom, the company has upheld the values of a regional family-owned supplier and manufacturer whilst maintaining a strong focus on driving down customer costs and increasing safety and reliability. If we decrease the number of maintenance interventions then we achieve both safety and reliability with the added benefit of lowering ownership costs.


Folsom has a team of dedicated Fluid Handling product specialists who you can speak to in person. Whether you are looking for some budgetary numbers for a new installation or you are looking for ways to improve your current fluid handling products, Folsom will be able to guide you every step of the way. Our plant surveys and technical proposals are free so give us a call and let us help you make those changes today. Please provide your name, email, and a brief description of the equipment you would like to discuss and we will get back to you within 24 hours of receipt.